Thursday, February 10, 2011

Anwar Hadi Phenomenon On You Tube


(sorry if there are some grammatical errors in this post.. (n_n) )

because this post will talk about something that highlights english language,so i think i need to write it in english too..naah..hehe..

last night,i came across some kind of video on my sister's facebook's profile,not intentionally of is a video that show a guy,malaysian,talking about an issue entitled 'ewww'...lead by my curiosity,i watched it.

then guy named Anwar Hadi talk about a trend in writing nowadays,especially among teenagers...they like to change any words that ends with letter 'a' with words 'ewww' he said in this video,for the words like 'bajetnya',this sort of people like to write it as 'bajetnyewwww' sounds silly n disgusting right ?? hehe..

but,there is more important thing that i want to highlight here...i like the way he talk,his body language,n the most important thing,his english...he speak in english !!! plus,his english is sooooooo fluent !! ..i wonder how come he can speak english so well,with his interesting,funny body language..

i want to know more about this i click on the video link..oh..this video was uploaded from YouTube website..this guy make his own channel,talk about current issues in Malaysia..personally,i admire his hobby..and one more thing that surprises me is....he is from KEDAH !!! my hometown !!! ..watching he speak n make jokes in kedah's slang makes me laugh like anything...he is sooo humorous..i like all of his videos...n i scroll down the page to see the video's feedback..oh wow..he has hundreds thousands off fan..they all loves his videos,just like me..

from all his video,i can say that he just started in this kind of hobby,starting from 29 disember 2010,that is,last year..until the latest video,on 7 february this year..that is,3 days ago...all of his video,that is in range from 3 to 6 minutes,filled with his reviews on current issues,plus his unbearable humors...makes everyone laugh until they lost their breath..hehe..

he took wonder he can speak extremely well n fluent..but,u all must know and notice,not all TESL student can speak in english well..only person who use this language in their daily conversations can do it..and he will fly to Sydney in this short time to further his study...let's pray that he will arrive there safe and sound..

for those who have not watch his video yet,i make this link 4 u to watch Anwar i wish i could speak like him..

List Of Anwar Hadi's Video On You Tube (please click which one you want to watch):

1)Iklan Youtube
2)Beruang Duit
3)Bola n Tahun Baru
4)3 Idiots' Inventions of the Decade
5)Facebook Ends Ana Raffali

and a several video of him that follow..

If you have more time,kindly please subscribe his link..then you'll be informed for if there is new video from his link..i really hope there are more people like him..he can change our people's mind nowadays to think about current issues and take them seriously..and after i watch all of his video,i feel like i want to enhance my english to..pray 4 me eah ???