Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Speaking Test = Thrash


I'm so disappointed.

That is the phrase that filled up my mind right now...U see,I didn't attend my arabic class this morning because I had a very painful headache since last night..It seems like my brain wants to explode into a pieces.....But,I need to attend the next class which is English class..not because of what..it's because I need to do my ENGLISH SPEAKING TEST this morning...geez...I'm not ready yet..totally..

So,I strengthen my body to get up and go the class even my head is still dizzy...I met my group member and started discussing about our test while waiting for our turn..I just could manage to read some words that commonly used to suggested,to describe something,to agree with,to disagree with,and something like that..

When our turn came,my common nervous came just at the same time..Oh no ! If my nervous do not go away or disappeared, I will failed this test..then..the thing happened just like what I thought earlier..during the discussion,my friend,alif is the only one to talk much...better than me and Safwan,the other member..both of us just mumbling around..muttering about what we ourselves didn't understand..haha..what a fool..

the time given also inadequate...I manage to give my opinion for just 2 times...then the examiner told us to stop our discussion..This is not a discussion..this is just like daily conversation...said my heart..whatever..after the disappointing 'dicsuccion', I called my mom...hehe..she advise me to read and speak more and more to enhance my speaking skill...thanks mom..

Now,I want to sleep...I want to refresh my mind..don't think about the test more..just think about what's next...arabic class again..two times in one day..argh..

For my body,sleep is a good medicine for any ache..haha..ok guys..see you later..wslm