Thursday, August 19, 2010

Me in Present Life


It is a normal thing when a human being tested by Allah,Who have create all creatures in this world..But,as for me,I'm still a weak person who cannot withstand such a small problem..Even when I have been tested by a fever,a FEVER,I had give up to study,to do anything..What kind of human I am??

Day by day,my physical changed to be more matured..But,the same thing does not happen to my mind,to my thinking skills...I still hope that someone will help me with my problem..My mother said that I'm not a kind of person who will go back and asked for help from them (my parents) when I have a problem...yes,I know that is me,mom but...I really don't know what really happen to me now..

As usual,when I'm being 'hit' with problem,I'll try to solve it on my own...But,now,the same attitude does not function as well..I keep making more and more mistake as I grew up...I dunno whether that is the part of growing in human life..but,all I know that there is something wrong with Mohamad Farhan bin Shamsuri now !!

I afraid that this bunch of problem will affect my studies,my emotion,my future,my friends,my families,and consequently,to all my beloved...